New Music: Ask Carol – Pressure’s On

Hot on the heels of recent shares Quiet One and Mountains of Cash, Norwegian rock duo Ask Carol are back on the blog with another new track. Their new one speaks of the feelings of insecurity that comes with sharing your art with the world. It’s called Pressure’s On.

By Graeme Smith

Feature photo by Ask Carol

Ask Carol became a thing by stealth. The duo kept their project a secret from all who knew them before playing their first show thousands of miles from home in Seoul, South Korea. Pressure’s On sonically bottles the experience for them, shaking off the nervous butterflies in favour of self-belief and empowerment. As a result, the track is an uplifting one that builds powerfully to an explosive, cathartic climax.

The more I hear of Ask Carol, the more I love them. You can check out Pressure’s On below.

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