Discovery: Dayo

Hailing from Utrecht, The Netherlands, Dayo are a dream pop six-piece fronted by the Avant Garde artist Dayo Oshigbosin. They’ve just hit my radar through their surreal new track, telling to story of a recurring dream in which Dayo is being chased by a beer. It’s called Beer.

By Graeme Smith

Feature photo by Nora Fawzia

Beer opens with metallic guitar, driving bass and snatches of vocals. The first verse introduces an element of dreaminess, with soaring but chilled delivery. As the track progresses, traces of jazz enter and the vocal delivery becomes more concrete and spoken word. It truly is a track that’s full of surprises.

For Beer, Dayo were inspired by artists such as Animal Collective and Lianna La Havas. Fans of either act will certainly find a lot to love in it. You can give it a listen below.

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