Discovery: Sorrell

Sorrell are a Leicester-based indie rock who have caught my attention through their artsy, dream pop track Warm.

By Graeme Smith

Warm opens with soft layers of jangly guitar which quickly envelop you. It is so instantly arresting, and I found myself totally absorbed well before the smooth, expressive vocals came in. Sorrell channel influences ranging from Souldive, Ride and Radiohead, and fans of any of those acts will find a lot to love in Warm.

Sorrell are Dylan Lee on vocals and guitar, Sebastian Zamfirescu on guitar, Noel Walker-O’Dowd on bass and Robin Smith on drums. The lads met each other studying at the University of Leicester four years ago. Gigging in the city since then, they’ve been perfecting their sound in the build up to the release of their debut EP Bliss later this year.

You can check out Warm below.

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