Discovery: Fable

Fable is a Devon-born singer songwriter who takes inspiration from the likes of Kate Bush and Radiohead. Yesterday she has released her debut album Shame alongside her latest single taken from it. It’s called Swarm.

By Graeme Smith

Swarm feels instantly unique. Though constructed during a grey morning listening to Radiohead, thematically it’s rooted in the here and now. It speaks of trying to find your place, particularly as a woman, in a world that seems ever more overbearing. It’s the insightfulness and storytelling that drew me to Fable’s music but sonically it’s incredibly interesting. Swarm is the whole package.

I’m not the only one who thinks so. Having re-launched her career last year, she’s caught the attention of NME, BBC Radio 6 Music and electronic veterans Orbital. There’s certainly something special about Fable. You can check out Swarm below.