EP Premiere: Liza Bec x Spiral Dial – INNERVATE

Liza Bec is a composer and performer who, despite having musically-triggered epilepsy, has just released an EP with the help of a plastic recorder stuck to a circuit board. It’s called INNERVATE. Hear it for the first time anyway right here.

By Graeme Smith

As well as being a musical EP, INNERVATE is a short story inspired by Liza’s real-life condition. The concept is interesting enough to share alone, but aside from that INNERVATE is a rich musical experience. Frankly, it’s the composition that drew me to it.

Running for about 25 minutes, the landscape waxes and wanes, but always flows. The sound generated by Liza’s cyborg recorder is like nothing I’ve heard before, and her skill in playing is evident. Classical elements merge with jazz, folk, psychedelia, ambient and electronica to create something that doesn’t fit comfortably into any particular genre.

As well as this project, Liza produces Spiral Dial, a monthly serial fiction podcast, and notably had a hand in the soundtrack of video game and worldwide phenomenon, Genshin Impact.

INNERVATE is such an exciting project that you can easily get lost in. It is pushing the boundaries of what is possible with modern technology, and shows that nothing needs to hold you back from doing what you love. You can check out the whole EP plus visualisations below.