New Music: Blueburst – Amplify Me

I’ve already featured Blueburst on this blog today, thanks to their sombre cover of The Clash’s Train in Vain. The track was co-released with another single of theirs that the band’s front man Craig Douglas Miller felt was inseparable from the cover release. It’s called Amplify Me.

By Graeme Smith

Feature photo by Gus Schmiege

Amplify Me is a song that is angry. Similarly inspired by the George Floyd murder in 2020 (as was Train in Vain), Amplify Me takes that inspiration in a different direction. It opens with a heavy guitar riff and moody bass before Craig’s passionate vocals come in with venomous lyrics that build to a pleading chorus.

When George Floyd was unlawfully killed in 2020, America became a bubbling cauldron of resentment and frustration at the country’s intolerances. Amplify Me is Craig’s attempt to distil that feeling into music. I think he’s nailed.

You can give Amplify Me a listen below.

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