Discovery: Alex Exists

Alex Exists is a founding member of The Ruby Spirit and The Nursery who has now decided to take his career in the solo direction. He’s just hit our radar through his new team up with fellow Toronto, Canada-based artist Sam Casey. It’s called Believe The Hype.

By Graeme Smith

Feature photo by Agata Waclawska

Believe The Hype is a cautionary tale about blindly believing what is popular and trendy and lyrically it takes no prisoners. Satirical poetry set the track apart from its pop kin while Alex and Sam’s vocals work beautifully together. The track’s crowning moment is its catchy and memorable chorus.

The track will feature on Alex’s solo debut album Everybody’s Famous, set for release on 16 June. Based on the evidence of Believe The Hype, it’s one not to be missed. You can listen to the single below.