Discovery: REYSHA RAMI

REYSHA RAMI is an American cyberpop artist who has just hit my radar thanks to her new dance track that explores the highs and lows of instant gratification. It’s called TURNMEON.virus.

By Graeme Smith

REYSHA began her musical journey in 2016, drawing inspiration from pop acts like Justin Timberlake and Beyonce. But in 2019 she reset her sound after a move to Los Angeles, and experimented further during COVID lockdown, determining her sound first and foremost should inspire people to dance.

That’s what we get with TURNMEON.virus, which opens with an instantly infectious groove that doesn’t let up. REYSHA’s expressive and attitude-laden vocals charm you while the beat gets you moving. It’s dark hyperpop for fans of Kim Petras, Slayyyter and Ashnikko.

You can listen to TURNMEON.virus below.