Video: Leveller – Fair Isle Automatic

Leveller is the solo project of Bristol-based musician Daniel R. Ball. You might know him from the London-based shoegaze band Sheen but he’s new to our radar courtesy of the first single release from his forthcoming debut album. It’s called Fair Isle Automatic.

By Graeme Smith

Fair Isle Automatic is a track that combines liveliness with melancholia. Bouncing bass is paired with expressive vocals and image laden lyrics. Its tempo is infectious but there’s a wonderful depth to it all too, and the combination of throwback and modern elements gives it a tremendously timeless feel. This is our first taste of Leveller, and I’m definitely keen for more. This guy could take the underground UK rock scene by storm.

Daniel is inspired by the likes of The Cure, Souxsie and the Banshees, and St. Vincent so if that’s your kind of thing you should definitely check out Fair Isle Automatic. You can do so below through its atmospheric video.

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