Discovery: Domiziana

Domiziana is a London-based singer songwriter who describes themselves as a “neuro-queer, intersectional transfeminist, slow-fashion advocate”. They’ve just come to my attention thanks to their vibrant new pop single that takes aim at toxic masculinity and male aggression. It’s called Psychod!ck.

By Graeme Smith

Despite the depths of its lyrics, there’s a bright and breezy feel about Psychod!ck, with a vibrant ’80s soul pop vibe. Domiziana’s vocals are wonderfully expressive, especially during an anthemic, fist-pumping chorus that takes no static. Psychod!ck is a wonderful combination of the meaningful and the catchy.

Psychod!ck was created in collaboration with musician, composer and producer Alessandro Spagnolo. It will feature on Domiziana’s upcoming album, set for release in September. You can check out the track below.

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