Video: St. Niklas – comfy

St. Niklas is an Oslo, Norway-based indie pop singer songwriter who, despite getting a lot of attention in his native country, has only just hit my radar. His latest single sees him paired up with vocalist DØSSI. It’s called comfy.

By Graeme Smith

Comfy is about a stagnant relationship – one that isn’t right by not uncomfortable enough to get out of. It’s a very relatable story told through soft vocal harmonies and gentle electronic pop. Lively percussion and emotive keys build to a soaring, heart-breaking climax.

St. Niklas released his debut EP, C-O-O-L in 2016. His previous EP your imperfections make me even more obsessed with you was a big success. Three years on from that, comfy marks a new chapter in St. Niklas’s story. It feels a good time to be getting into his music.

You can check out the video for comfy below.

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