Video: The Midnight Vortex – Come & Play

London-based alternative rock group The Midnight Vortex has made a few appearances on this blog before. Earlier this year they featured in Jane’s Grunge Forever and Monthly Favourites round ups, and in May I shared their track Addicted To You. Now they’re back with a new track and video tackling the subject of mental health. It’s called Come & Play.

By Graeme Smith

Come & Play is a track that opens moody with a looping bass riff and percussive textures. It slowly builds into a hypnotic, emotional groove before pleading vocals come in. Genre-wise it’s a wonderful mix of the classic and the modern, sitting somewhere outside of time between the ’60s and ’00s.

The Midnight Vortex are Bri Macanas on vocals, Mouad Qach and Robin Thunders on guitar, Danny Sands on bass and Leo Kuma on drums. They’re bringing something fresh and exciting to the UK rock scene.

You can watch the video for Come & Play below.

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