Album Review: Phlocalyst – Page Break

Phlocalyst is a Flemish lo-fi producer who has just hit my radar thanks to his second LP, Page Break.

By Graeme Smith

As well as producing his own work, Phlocalyst is a professional classical musician in Munich. He creates hip-hop inspired tracks as a way of taking a break from the classical grind and the result is something quite unlike anything I’ve heard before. Page Break follows on from his first LP release, Insights and anyone who heard that debut will know that Phlocalyst is a fan of muted trumpet. It makes a dominant return here across Page Break‘s seven tracks.

The album starts serenely with Rising Morning. It draws you in with long, contemplative notes before hitting a percussive groove that will have you head nodding. Sapphire Bounce is a moody track that transports you to a shadowy jazz club. Previously-released single Zeal, Pt. 2 is a highlight, providing a catchy looping melody and a move-inducing vibe.

Marbles sits at the heart of the album giving a delicate, reflective moment. Again is nostalgic and romantic while Emmitouflé brings a sense of mystery with it. Our Time closes the album with a lingering, ethereal composition that will lull you into a blissful state.

I have to admit, I’ve never been a huge fan of the lo-fi genre but Phlocalyst is bringing something fresh to it that I can really get behind. His classical background gives him an ear for composition while his love for hip-hop means his tracks have a contemporary edge. Page Break is a tidy collection.

Page Break is out now, released via Nettwerk. You can give it a listen below or here.