EP Review: Aanvi – Emotions

New Zealand-based singer songwriter Aanvi is just eleven years old, but that’s not stopped her pulling together an impressive debut EP. A four track collection full of youthfulness and poetry. It’s called Emotions.

By Graeme Smith

At eleven, I was only just discovering my love for writing, so to create something as put together as Aanvi’s debut is no mean feat. You could forgive her if her lyrics came across as naïve, but there’s a maturity to her song writing already and she’s dreaming big. Her ambition is to become the youngest Grammy winner from New Zealand.

The EP opens with Light. It’s got a funky disco pop energy and Aanvi’s vocals are instantly compelling. Her message is defiant, brimming with self-assurance, particularly during a catchy chorus that is complete with handclaps and chants. It’s a strong start.

Speak Up gives us stomping percussion mixed with emotive keys and guitar. It’s a rousing anthem with a positive message. The Mirror is a vulnerable ballad that grows to a soaring climax. Change Myself closes the EP with delicate instrumentals textures and heart-warming lyrics.

Aanvi’s debut EP is simply a must-listen. It would not surprise me at all if she’s on the vanguard of the next wave of pop stars. If she keeps working at it, that Grammy definitely feels achievable.

You can listen to Emotions below.