Video: Kath And The Kicks – Neptune

Kath and The Kicks are an alternative rock band based just down the road from here in Leeds. They’ve just come to my attention thanks to their powerful new track and video, Neptune.

By Graeme Smith

Neptune punches you right away with its big riffs, and invigorating percussion. An instrumental intro welcomes you in before charismatic vocals seals the deal. With this track, Kath And The Kicks are unashamedly serving classic rock that feels both familiar and fresh. I wasn’t surprised to learn that they’ve been known to use the track as their set opener.

Kath and the Kicks are Kath Edmonds on vocals and guitar, Tony Harrison on bass and Matt Larkin on drums. They formed in 2018 and are making waves in the underground rock scene thanks to their scintillating live act and energetic recordings.

Neptune was produced by Greenmount Studios, with mastering from Metropolis Studios. The video was created by Hexenhaus Productions. All three are Leeds-based. Kath and The Kicks are endorsed by Vintage Guitars UK.

You can watch the performance video for Neptune below.

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