Video: Majeska – Please Wait, Saving…

Majeska is a Nashville, USA-based electro pop artist who has just hit my radar thanks to her edgy new track and video that takes on the dark, distorted world that lives in cyberspace. It’s called Please Wait, Saving…

By Graeme Smith

The Internet is a revolutionary place, but it’s not always used for us to find our better selves. Anger, voyeurism, false seduction – all these very human traits are explored in Please Wait, Saving… Majeska elevates it all with her rich, rising and falling electronica, and her compelling vocals. The accompanying video wonderful visualises it all, with Majeska taking centre stage in a glass box.

Majeska is an artist who is sworn to honesty, even when it feels uncomfortable, and that’s what makes her music so mesmerising. I can’t wait to hear more from her.

You can check out the video for Please Wait, Saving… below.

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