EP Review: Miles Away – The Space Between Two Halves Of A Heart

Vancouver, Canada-based indie dance producer Miles Away first hit our radar in May last year through Jane’s share of his track Stardust. Since then, We’ve featured three more his songs which has all culminated in the release of his second EP, The Space Between Two Halves of a Heart.

By Graeme Smith

The Space Between… is a concept album exploring what it means to say goodbye to love and move on. As you’d expect, it’s a collection of tracks with emotional highs and lows that always hit hard as we know Miles Away’s music can. The EP opens with Happy Tears. Featuring RUNN & AYMEN, it’s a slow-building intro that starts delicate before reaching a vibrant climax. It’s the perfect start.

Next To You, featuring Mercedes Arn-Horn, is laidback and hazy. It paints a vivid picture of domestic bliss tinged with doubt. Back To Sleep is thoughtful and soaring. Danni Carra vocals make it a highlight. Set You Free broods with a strong sense of resignation before hitting a heart-rendering crescendo.

Goodbye seethes with anger, set in the immediate aftermath of the relationship, articulated by heavy percussion and long, tense electronic notes. Slow Death is a wonderfully reflective moment that slows things down before building them back up again. The Space Between is gently ambient before switching into an urgent and rich instrumental arrangement. Two Halves of a Heart then rounds the story off with a bright moment of acceptance. It’s another highlight.

Miles Away has already started making a name for himself with notable remixes and through his first EP. This second EP cements his reputation. He creates electronic dance music with substance and soul. The emotion running through this EP’s eight tracks feels authentic and relatable. It’ll make you rethink your attitude towards EDM. I know it did for me.

You can check out The Space Between Two Halves of a Heart below.