Discovery: Kalupto

Kalupto is a Paris, France-based artist who takes inspiration from the likes of Bon Iver to create a unique and exciting sound. They’ve just caught my attention thanks to their debut, self-titled single.

By Graeme Smith

Opening delicately with piano and ambient sound, kalupto instantly creates a sense of atmosphere. Soulful vocals come in that are full of longing, singing thoughtful, drawn out notes. The whole track takes its time, letting the emotion of it wash over you. Finally, we reach a powerful climax that’s full of instrumental detail and vocal catharsis.

Kalupto was raised on soul and RnB such as Stevie Wonder and Barry White before attending art school in Paris. Yet, it took some time for them to find their voice. We’re all the better for it now that they have. Kalupto is a stunning debut. You can give it a listen below.

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