Discovery: Edie Yvonne

Edie Yvonne is a Los Angeles, USA-based singer songwriter whose lyrical maturity belies her young age. She’s embarking on her career at the tender age of fourteen but already making it her own. I’ve just discovered her music for myself thanks to her latest single In the Rain.

By Graeme Smith

At the heart of In the Rain is emotional conflict and that’s beautifully rendered through the track’s gentle acoustic pop arrangement and Edie’s expressive vocals. Her style is an irresistible mix of the passionate and melancholic. She had me hanging on every word, especially during a pleading chorus.

There’s music in Edie’s blood – her abuela was an opera singer in Nicaragua – and she’s taken that inherited talent in her own direction. As well as song writing, she’s a musical theatre performer at the Youth Academy of Dramatic Arts, and a film actor. She is without a doubt a rising star.

You can check out In the Rain for yourself below.

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