Album Review: Soul Gaze – It All Exists

Soul Gaze is a musical project of Miki Agrawal. She’s just released her debut album in collaboration with Happie Hoffman and Gene Evaro Jr. drawing inspiration from her personal journey through an emotional divorce. It’s called It All Exists.

By Graeme Smith

Miki is an entrepreneur, and has tried her hand at many things, including writing some best-selling books. Soul Gaze marks her first foray into music, and it’s a doozy. With the help of veteran musician Happie Hoffman, and producer Gene Evaro Jr., she’s made a thing of wonder.

The journey starts with Antarctica and a statement of liberation. We get a bouncing beat paired with expressive vocals that combines catchy pop with something truly unique. The lyrics are heart felt and intimate. It’s a powerful and welcoming start. I was excited to hear more.

Do Less Be More opens with whispered French vocals before we get a driving dance arrangement with elements of trip-hop and a healthy does of meditation. Fire gives us earthy percussion and vulnerable vocals before The Queen provides a moment of powerful emancipation. It’s a highlight.

Six Little Words opens the second half of the album with a laidback groove. Fart in the Wind gives us a moment of levity but also a lowdown edginess. The Juice takes that edginess one step further with rumbling bass and visceral storytelling. Changed closes the album by pairing sultriness with reflection.

It All Exists is such a stunning debut. Miki and Soul Gaze give us direct storytelling, an interesting mix of instrumental styles and some utterly irresistible grooves. It’s clear that Miki has got a unique voice in her song writing, and has used the experience of Happie and Gene well. I’m very excited about where the three will take this project.

You can listen to It All Exists below.