Discovery: Inki

Inki is the project of Reykjavik, Iceland-based composer Ingibjörg Friðriksdóttir. She’s just come to my attention thanks to her new track This One For Me. Though a single release, it’s paired with another track from her upcoming album Thoughts Midsentence, For You, and the two tracks could be considered two halves of a whole.

By Graeme Smith

It’s worth bearing this in mind when listening to This One For Me, though a complete, vivid story of its own, you get the sense that there’s more to say. It opens low and brooding before Inki’s captivating vocals come in, conveying a tale of heartbreak. The track slowly builds into a rumbling, experimental electronic arrangement that keeps you guessing what will come next.

If you like This One For Me then you should definitely check out For You, and keep an eye out for Thoughts Midsentence which delves deeper into the world of Inki. You can check out This One For Me below.

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