EP Review: Amen Sioux – $!0ux!£

London-based indie pop artist Amen Sioux has been featured on our pages a few times now. It all started in April last year with his track and video Useless, and we followed that with shares of singles Drunk In Love and Dramatic. All three tracks feature on his debut EP $!0ux!£.

By Graeme Smith

$!0ux!£ is an exciting debut from an exciting artist. Amen Sioux’s work drips with charisma and sex appeal and this debut EP focuses on the themes of love and sex. Don’t be surprised if you get a little hot under the collar while taking in its four tracks, but there are dimensions to it as well, taking in all the complications of sexual relationships.

We start with Dramatic which explores an unhealthy relationship through a bright yet melancholic indie pop arrangement. The vocals are rich with a laidback soulfulness that makes them utterly compelling, especially during a groovy chorus that feels equal parts retro and modern. It’s a strong start.

Useless follows with its astonishing combination of weary vocals and vibrant pop and R&B instrumentals. It’s just as catchy as I remember it to be. Then we get to newly released single Sure Shot. It’s a dreamy track punctuated by explosive moments and the vocals are at their most pleading. A breakdown into a sultry groove is a highlight.

Drunk In Love closes the EP with a charged moment. Its gentle R&B provides an intimate and emotional conclusion to the EP’s story. The vocals are wonderfully soaring in a memorable chorus and the lyrics are raw and visceral. It’s a track that lingers in your mind, and the perfect end to this collection.

With this debut EP, Amen Sioux has given us something exciting and coherent. Its four tracks give us a nice taste of what he’s capable of, which on the evidence is a lot. With his relatable storytelling and experimental yet approachable sound, he has to be considered one to watch. Amen Sioux has kept himself as an enigma online up until now but I look forward to finding out more of his story with each new release.

You can check out $!0ux!£ below.