EP Review: SpaceAcre – That Girl

SpaceAcre are Phoebe Little and Jas Scott, a British alternative pop duo who Jane has featured a couple of times before for us on this blog, but not since 2020. Now, I finally get a chance to share some of their music courtesy of their new EP. It’s called That Girl.

By Graeme Smith

That Girl is a seven track emotional journey through grief, triggered by the loss of a close friend. It starts with its title track. We get some explosive guitar riffs right from the off, coupled with expressive vocals and a bluesy feel. The lyrics are wonderfully descriptive, immediately painting a vivid picture. I was instantly gripped.

Chemicals slows things down but keeps them groovy. Laidback instrumentals give plenty of space for the emotive vocals. Say is dreamy and expansive, slowly building with a looping guitar melody before developing into a textured soft rock climax. MoMo sits at the heart of the EP, providing a surprise, experimental treat. It’s a highlight.

Familiar is a brooding, soulful number while Open My Eyes brings with it jazzy percussion and plodding bass. There’s a touch of the cinematic about it, especially during a dramatic, chanting crescendo. Into The Dust closes the EP with an intimate acoustic moment. Melancholic lyrics are tempered by a certain brightness and its emotion lingers long after its last note is played.

That Girl marks a welcome return for SpaceAcre onto these pages and if you haven’t heard them before you’re in for a treat. It’s a wonderfully inventive collection that has a rich, emotional story behind it. Phoebe and Jas have poured a lot of themselves and their personal story into it and it’s all the greater for it. You can check out That Girl below.