Album Review: Max I Million – Shine On…

Shine On… is the new album from Swedish lo-fi producer Max I Million. Inspired by the Golden Age sound on which he grew up, it’s a heady mix of jazz and hip-hop that’s got me sitting up and taking notice.

By Graeme Smith

The album opens with its title track, a short, minimal intro with captured spoken word vocals that sets the expectations of what’s to come. We move with ease into the jazzy, percussive On My Mind. It settles into a blissful groove that will have you nodding your head before 24 Caret Gleam rounds off the album’s first stretch with a glistening vignette.

A Vibe Called Blessed gives us a taste of some old school hip-hop and R&B while Soul Medicine does exactly what it says on the bottle with a soulful, healing arrangement. Dream Large rounds off the album’s first half with a powerful message and dramatic instrumentals. It’s a highlight.

The Sermon opens the second half with an uplifting and textured hip-hop moment. Shine Through oozes cool while Lebanese Cake is a departure into something a little more mysterious. Maneuvers is a lively and undulating mix while Don King is the album’s most organic moment, rich with bass drum and psychedelic keys. Shine On… (Outro) rounds the album off with an extended goodbye. A dreamy combo of the past and the future, it proves to be another highlight.

Lo-fi is something of a saturated genre nowadays but you can always tell an original. Max I Million is one of those. He wears his influences proudly but is bringing something original with each track on Shine On… If you’re looking for something mellow but rewarding to listen to today, then look no further.

Shine On… is available now through all major DSPs as well as vinyl. The record is pressed in an eye catching black, tangerine and silver swirl colour configuration on 180g vinyl. The album packaging also features an inner board sleeve with both sides illustrated by MC Blue Matter, with the album cover and layout illustrated by collage artist Jesse Stone.