Discovery: Anna-Sophie

Anna-Sophie is a Styria, Austria-based pop artist who is already a growing presence on streaming services and in the blogosphere. Yet, it’s taken until now for her to appear on our radar. It’s thanks to her new single which explores the feeling of new love. It’s called Breathe.

By Graeme Smith

Breathe is a wonderfully emotional track. It opens with a slow, stripped-back groove that gives plenty of space to the compelling vocals, before we get to a soaring, anthemic chorus which introduces some edgy rock elements. It is, in many ways, a perfect pop track.

Anna-Sophie takes her name from her two grandmothers. As well as writing her own music, she’s a multi-instrumentalist, playing piano and guitar professionally. Her debut album is set for release in the autumn, and you can check out Breathe below.

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