New Music: Lillian Frances – Touching You

Sacramento, USA-based indie pop artist Lillian Frances first hit my radar at the end of May this year thanks to her sultry track Fine Line. Now she’s back on the blog with a new one that’s full of complex emotions. It’s called Touching You.

By Graeme Smith

Touching You takes place in the part of a relationship that sits somewhere between friends and lovers, and articulates the confusion that can come with it. It opens gently and with vulnerability. There’s dreamy guitar and expressive vocals, all poured over heartbeat percussion. It’s a slow builder, finally reaching a beautiful, horn-infused crescendo.

Lillian produces her own music, and puts so much of herself into it that is utterly irresistible. I’m so glad to have her back on the blog. You can give Touching You a listen below.

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