Discovery: Love Me My Alien

Love Me My Alien is a Philadelphia, USA-based music collective formed by brothers and multi-instrumentalists Anthony and Michael Montesano with Justin DiFebbo. They’ve just come to my attention thanks to their new track We Can Fly.

By Graeme Smith

We Can Fly opens slow and ethereal before building to a soft rock groove. The Montesano brothers are known for their vocal harmonies and we get plenty of that in We Can Fly, emoting a lyrical story about trying to find an escape. After a couple of soaring choruses, we get a stripped-back interlude that explodes into a cathartic climax. It’s a beautiful journey.

Love Me My Alien released their debut EP in May this year and it feels like they’re on the verge of something. They’re sound is captivatingly resonant and I certainly want to hear more of it. I hope you’ll agree. You can check out We Can Fly below.

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