Video: Daniel De Boer – Don’t Hold the Line

Daniel De Boer is an Amsterdam, Netherlands-based musician who has just caught my attention thanks to his new single and video, taken from his debut album Out of Shadows. It’s called Don’t Hold the Line.

By Graeme Smith

Don’t Hold The Line opens gently ambient and textured before Daniel’s soulful vocals float in. The sense of emotion is immediately evident, and powerfully stated through the track’s use of minimalism. Heart-breaking lyrics are beautifully rendered, and the video’s artistic narrative enhances it all. It’s a real tearjerker.

Daniel has worked for years as a freelance bassist and singer but his debut project Out of Shadows is giving us a chance to hear his true voice. Featuring musicians from thirteen countries and a host of traditional instruments, it promises to be an enriching listen. The album is out now in all the usual places and you can check out the video for Don’t Hold The Line below.

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