New Music: JUNK – We call it JUNK

San Diego, USA-based nu-jazz collective JUNK have been all over our pages since the beginning of the year, with no less than six singles of theirs being featured. We can now make that seven thanks to their new track that combines hip hop with classical. It’s called We call it JUNK.

By Graeme Smith

With this track, JUNK aimed to create something that defines their sound. The result is a number that’s fresh, funky and honest. There’s free-flowing rapped verses, soulfully sung choruses, and a wonderfully textured instrumental arrangement that combines classic and hip-hop elements. What is it most, though, is unadulterated fun.

We call it JUNK was written in response to those who wouldn’t play their music because it didn’t match a defined genre. In a perfect response, they’ve defined their own, and I love it! You can check out the single below.

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