EP Review: Jennifer Lyons – Run the Wild

Jennifer Lyons is an Irish singer songwriter who has just hit my radar thanks to her new EP Run The Wild.

By Graeme Smith

Jennifer describes creating the EP as a cathartic and healing experience. During the Covid pandemic, she worked full-time in a nursing home, exposing her to friendship but also a lot of grief that led to depression and feelings of disconnect. We get a lot of this emotional journey across its five tracks.

The EP opens with Original Sin. It’s a textured and experimental start, with vocals that are as pensive as they are inviting. The track develops into a rich folk arrangement and there’s a sense of authentic, relatable emotion that runs through it all. As a listener, you know you’re in for something special with this EP.

Colourblind pairs intricate acoustic guitar with ambient wind before reaching a moody, heart-breaking waltz. Miles Apart is soulful and brooding, delivered with cavernous reverb and soaring vocals. Window Pain is the EP’s rawest moment. Its story is rendered vividly as it builds to a lilting electronic climax.. Title track Run The Wild then closes the EP with a driving, ethereal number that reminded me a little of Bat For Lashes.

Run The Wild is a brave and authentic effort from Jennifer, and as listener you can’t help but connect with her. There’s plenty of experimentation to keep things interesting but ultimately her music feels reassuringly familiar. Jennifer Lyons truly is a hidden gem and I’m so glad to have discovered her music.

Jennifer is touring the EP across Ireland and Europe, with her next show on Sunday at De Barras Clonakilty, Cork.

Run The Wild was written and produced at Monique Studios, Cork. Mixing and production is by Christian Best. Featuring on the EP are Alan Comerford and John Ryan on guitars, and Daragh Keary on keys, You can give it a listen below.