EP Review: Red Hawes – The Archive

Red Hawes, real name Noah, is a singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist based in Maryland, USA. He’s always been musical, drawing inspiration from Simon and Garfunkel and The Beatles while growing up before moving onto rock like Tool and Breaking Benjamin. His new EP is something of a throwback, with Red drawing from unreleased songs from 2018 to 2022. It’s called The Archive.

By Graeme Smith

The Archive opens with On My Mind. It’s a bright and emotional start. Red’s vocals are compelling, particularly during their soaring moments, and there’s a touch of classic about his song writing. Musically, he combines acoustic and electric elements beautifully, with his eclectic influences on show.

Blink of an Eye is a classic rock number with philosophical lyrics. It simmers for four minutes before hitting a powerful climactic guitar solo. Broken Glass is led by piano and acoustic guitar and has a bittersweetness about it. The lyrics are rich with vivid imagery. If Only closes the EP with some slow-burning blues rock. It’s sweeping, guitar-infused chorus is a highlight.

Red Hawes is inspired by the best and he takes these influences and makes them his own in his music. The Archive is a fantastic introduction to his sound and song writing which combines the catchy with the emotional. I’m so glad to have discovered him for this blog and I hope you’ll be a fan too. You can check out The Archive below.