Discovery: CircleKSK

CircleKSK is a Tokyo, Japan-based composer and pianist who works with various other artists to create their work. Their latest track sees them team up with a UK-based vocalist for a wonderfully immersive piece inspired by ’90s heavy metal, Gothic metal and anime. It’s called Destiny’s Flame.

By Graeme Smith

Destiny’s Flame is an instantly engrossing track. If you are a fan of anime theme tunes, you’ll instantly love it, but if it’s a genre you’re not familiar with then where better to start? An urgent metal arrangement gets you moving, with fuzzy riffs aplenty and dramatic vocals. If it doesn’t get you ready for whatever trial that’s awaiting you, then nothing will.

I’m so excited to have discovered CircleKSK’s work and I hope you will be too. You can check out Destiny’s Flame below.

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