New Music: Vice Killer – Where Can I Find Some Peace?

County Durham-based alternative rock band Vice Killer have featured once before on this blog. In May, I discovered them for us through their track The Red Sky and now they’re back with a new one. It’s called Where Can I Find Some Peace?

By Graeme Smith

Story-wise, Where Can I Find Some Peace? picks up where The Red Sky left off. It’s a philosophical track, pondering on how sometimes happiness takes its time. Its lyrical depth is nicely tempered by a funky rock arrangement with a compelling groove and plenty of jangly guitar. Inspired by watching a performance of The Stones Roses playing Fool’s Gold on Top of the Pops, Vice Killer pick up the gauntlet that those legends put down.

Vice Killer are Thomas Gilling on lead vocals and guitar, James Langan on lead guitar, Jack Langan on bass and Lewis Muir on drums. Where Can I Find Some Peace? is produced by Chris McManus and was recorded at Newcastle’s Blank Studio. You can check it out below.

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