EP Review: MISSIO – I Am High

MISSIO are a Texas, USA-based duo who are all about the good times in their new EP I Am High. It’s thanks to their eclectic sound that they’ve hit our radar, and I was keen to share their music with you.

By Graeme Smith

The pair started their year with EP I Am Sad, so their latest gives us both a departure from and a continuation of its emotional journey, speaking of the escapism that often follows negative feelings. And it’s not all about drugs. We all have our own avenues of escape.

The EP opens with Good Vibrations and its relentless, urging bass. Over it are poured electronic layers, smooth vocals and rock guitar. Genre-wise, MISSIO combine elements of rock, pop, psychedelia and hip hop to create something that doesn’t fit comfortably within any of those descriptions. What it definitely is, though, is compellingly cool. It’s a great start.

Easy slows things down but keeps them cool with its laidback and lo-fi instrumental arrangement. The bass comes back with a vengeance during the hook. Thang Thang, featuring DEADFOOT, is beautifully percussive. The vocals are quick-fire and the groove irresistible.

Big Stacks, featuring Jelani Blackman, combines explosive beats with mysterious atmosphere, and introduces grime elements. Papi Chulo is an experimental moment, swimming in heady electronica and brimming with pleading and attitude-filled vocals. I’m Coming Home closes the EP with introspection. It slowly fizzles before building with a dance beat to a cathartic finish.

I Am High is such a fun and vibrant collection. Its lyrical story nicely combines the light with the deep and its sonic journey is so varied that things never get boring. MISSIO are clearly masters of their craft and have written their latest EP from lived experience.

MISSIO are Matthew Brue and David Butler. The pair have been recording together since 2015 and have really honed in on a unique and interesting style that deserves more attention. You can check out I Am High for yourself below.