New Music: Inland Murmur – Glimpses Through Trees

Cardiff-based dream pop duo Inland Murmur have featured once before on this blog. Way back in March 2022, they hit our radar through their ’80s rock, nature-inspired throwback Waterline. Now they’re back with a new, melodic one. It’s called Glimpses Through Trees.

By Graeme Smith

Glimpses Through Trees is a hard-hitting indie rock track. It opens with a driving guitar riff before delicate but powerful vocals come in. Their arrival heralds an emotional story, rich with natural imagery and a soaring chorus is a particular highlight. It’s music for your soul that’ll make you want to dance as much as it makes you feel. You don’t get much better.

Inland Murmur are Toby and Hannah. They grew up in rural Carmarthenshire before forming the band in London and relocating to Cardiff. Glimpses Through Trees was recorded in the depths of Pembrokeshire, working with Owain Jenkins at StudiOwz. You can give it a listen below.

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