Discovery: Ava Earl

Ava Earl is an American singer songwriter who has a sound akin to pop contemporaries like Olivia Rodrigo, Taylor Swift and Gracie Abrams, as well as Americana artists like Phoebe Bridges, Elliott Smith and Laura Marling. She’s just come to my attention thanks to her new track called Resist You.

By Graeme Smith

Resist You starts with an immediate liveliness. There’s a catchy melody to its first verse and chorus that instantly beds itself into your consciousness. Yet, what stands out most is its lyrics that tell a sensual story of irresistible lust. It truly is perfect folk pop.

Ava is based in Alaska in the town of Girdwood. Outside of music she is an activist championing equal rights. Resist You is the focus track of her new album Too Much which is out now in all the usual places. You can check out the single below.