New Music: Julianna Joy – CAR CRASH DREAMS

Electro and alternative pop artist Juliana Joy has appeared on this blog once before. Back in April this year, I ran the rule over her track APOLLO and was hit by its charismatic vocals and clever lyrics. Now she’s back with a new one that finds life’s silver lining. It’s called CAR CRASH DREAMS.

By Graeme Smith

Juliana describes a “car crash dream” as when something finally goes right after everything else has been going wrong. Your mind wants to convince you that all is not what it seems and it’s this conflict that she captures in the story of her new track. She does this through a soulful and intimate acoustic pop arrangement that combines a taste of the classic with traces of the new school. It’s such a wonderfully unique track.

I’m really digging what Juliana is putting out there and I hope you will too. You can check out CAR CRASH DREAMS below.