New Music: Celestial North – Olympic Skies

Scotland-born, Kendal-based dream pop artist Celestial North has been featuring on this blog for over a year now, having first caught our attention through her folklore-infused pop track When The Gods Dance. Three more single shares followed and now here’s a fourth. Taken from her recently released album Otherworld, it’s called Olympic Skies.

By Graeme Smith

Celestial North describes her latest as “a breakup song between the land and modern man” and there is a cutting depth to its lyrics. Its instrumentals feel bittersweet, with an uplifting arrangement that’s tempered by a certain sadness. The vocals are as stunningly compelling as always. Celestial North really is bringing something new and unique to the world of pop.

Olympic Skies was co-produced with former Sea Power member Woody. You can give it a listen below.

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