Video: Denni Ian – I Plan To Run Out of Darkness

“Post-folk troubadour” Denni Ian is an Aarhus, Denmark-based multi-instrumentalist who first came to my attention earlier this month thanks to his track and video Here, In Absence. I was so taken with his unique style that I wanted to share the track’s follow up too. Also coming complete with a video, it’s called I Plan To Run Out of Darkness.

By Graeme Smith

Denni’s latest has a quiet start that really draws you in. A simple piano melody sets the early tone before acoustic guitar joins in. Denni’s distinctive vocals give the track an immediate sense of uniqueness, and its melancholic lyrics are utterly gripping. As the track progresses, the instrumentals grow in complexity before hitting an emotional crescendo. It’s powerful stuff.

Both Here, In Absence and I Plan To Run Out of Darkness feature on Denni’s album SALT KING which is out now. You can watch the video for his new single, directed and filmed by Denni, below.

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