Discovery: Petrichor

Petrichor are a Wicklow, Ireland-based rock band who have just come to my attention. There’s a bit of a scene growing around Wicklow at the moment, with bands like Gilla Band, Nerves, Enola Gay and Meryl Streek, and I think we can add Petrichor to that list of names. Their debut fuses industrial noise and shoegaze. It’s called Pious.

By Graeme Smith

Pious gives us a simmering and pulsating intro that develops into a dramatic and swaggering rock arrangement. The vocals contain an understated rage. They are quietly shouted while heavy riffs give us a dark atmosphere. It’s not a track for the faint-hearted, but if you like your rock on the heavy side, you’re going to be very excited by it.

Petrichor are Liam Hughes on guitar and lead vocal, Lu Hope on bass guitar, Ben Verdes on guitar and backing vocals, and Harry Richards on drums. Pious is out now via Blowtorch Records and you can give it a listen below.

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