Discovery: Rob Modus

Rob Modus is a Sheffield-based singer songwriter who has just drawn my attention thanks to his latest single release. Written, recorded, produced and mixed in his five-foot square DIY music studio, it’s called Stars on Strings.

By Graeme Smith

Stars on Strings is a track that encourages us to take control of our own universe, even for a moment. Over its three minutes, it invites us to put away distractions, forget about the spinning of the world and the passage of time and just experience. For this, it provides the perfect soundtrack. A soft yet lively folk pop arrangement sets in the scene before Rob’s smooth and charismatic vocals come in. His style is for lovers of the old school and the modern in equal measure.

Sheffield born and bred, Rob grew up in a musical family, attending folk clubs and contributing to session music in the pubs of South Yorkshire. With his own music, he’s not afraid to keep things unique and forge his own path. I’m looking forward to hearing more from him.

You can check out Stars on Strings for yourself below.