Discovery: Body / Negative

Body / Negative is a Los Angeles, USA-based ambient shoegaze project led by multi-instrumentalist and vocalist Andy Schiaffino. They’ve just announced their third album, Everett, which is set for release on 8 December this year via Track Number Records. Their latest single release is called persimmon.

By Graeme Smith

Feature photo by Audrey Kemp

Everett was mastered by Slow Dive’s Simon Scott and features collaborations with artists such as Midwife, Justin Maranga and Amulets. Much of the album was recorded through a handheld tape recorder and Andy actually recorded their vocals through a landline style handset instead of a microphone. It’s this kind of experimentation that drew me towards persimmon.

A slow-burning track persimmon opens gently and ambient with a mix of the dreamy and the slightly sinister. It’s everything I love about the shoegaze genre – bold yet subtle, experimental yet warm and familiar. Andy makes the sound their own with this track and isn’t afraid to let things unfold gradually. The patient listener will be rewarded greatly by persimmon. You can give it a listen below.