EP Review: Wax Cherubs – and the sky’s warm blood

Wax Cherubs is a Milwaukee, USA-based artist who has just caught my attention thanks to their debut EP. A personal narrative reflecting on the many forms of love, it’s called and the sky’s warm blood.

By Graeme Smith

And the sky’s warm blood is seven tracks consisting of a blend of hip hop, dream pop, shoegaze and alternative. It’s not your typical love story, rather focusing on other types of love that are often neglected in the world of music. Be it platonic, trans/enby, self-love, familial love and evolving love, all gets a spotlight on this EP.

The EP opens with the stripped back and experimental backseat pearl. It immediately sets a strong sense of atmosphere through its instrumental opening before pleading and passionate vocals come in. It all feels powerfully understated and a breath of fresh air in today’s modern, stale pop landscape.

Undergrounds, a collaboration with Jonny B, is a dreamy and pacey track. RnB undertones give it a warm and soulful feel before bright electronica and heavy guitar provide an unexpected twist. Seaglass takes things in a soul and funk direction, taking old school features and modernising them in a very future forward way. Down drops silver sits at the heart of the EP, providing an eerie, melancholic shoegaze highlight.

Tigresses the blesses us opens with some lo-fi rock before being filled out by some cosmic electronica. Ere tender lights gives us some more classic soul samples that develop into some experimental noise rock before ride home closes the EP with some raw and looping alternative rock. Its delicate and intimate feel makes it another highlight.

I’ve never heard genre-blending like this before, and I’m completely here for it. Wax Cherubs truly is giving us something new with the EP and I’m excited to see how their career progresses. We could be witnessing the birth of a star with and the sky’s warm blood. You can check it out below.