Album Review: Bam Keith – TWIN COLOURS

TWIN COLOURS is the new album from Kansas City, USA-born rapper Brandon Thomas, who performs as Bam Keith. The album is a tribute to his younger brother, John, who was murdered by his best friend. In TWIN COLOURS, Brandon works through the grief and the anger caused by that violent act of betrayal as well as touching on a range of autobiographical topics.

By Graeme Smith

The album opens with TOUCHDOWN 3. Its striking opening line evokes the Roman Empire and the Bible as it delivers laidback but hard hitting hip hop. The wordplay is top shelf and Bam’s flow is second to none. A wonderful combination of the old school and the modern, it’s a great start.

EX PLUG and EX TENSION both feature Nino Lee and introduce dark moody elements of electronic rock into the mix. CHAMPION, with Blau, gives us triumphant, emotional hip hop. PS5 INTERLUDE sees Bam team up with Davin and slows things down with a sultry, intimate moment. KABOOSE is an upbeat, groovy highlight with quick fire vocal delivery. It comes complete with a video.

RATHER, featuring Kuttybear, slows things back down with a sensual number before FALLIN gives us rich dance sensibilities. ON ME with Gullymarc and Kingz brings us some acoustic guitar and Latin style. WESTSIDE will have your head nodding while GROWING PAINS (RIP John Wilson III) is a touching and vulnerable tribute to Bam’s brother. It’s another highlight.

OATH, featuring LA Mitchell, brings with a healthy dose of funk. JAM is moody, rumbling and philosophical before NEXT PLANS/FANTASY BAM closes the album with a team up with Blackfingers. The longest track on the album it slowly unfolds with an emotional depth and thought-provoking lyrics. A guitar solo marks the transition between its first and second part, with the latter becoming an experimental mosaic. It’s another highlight.

You can check out TWIN COLOURS below.