EP Review: Baydream – Cosmos

Cosmos is the debut EP from Hamburg, Germany-based indie pop-rock act Baydream. Across its four tracks, it delivers themes of introspection and the mysteries of the universe, providing a wonderful introduction to them for anyone who is new to their music, ourselves included.

By Graeme Smith

The EP opens with Leaving. A steady groove meets dreamy instrumental layers in a track that instantly got me nodding my head. Baydream’s vocals are beautifully unique, laidback but with a subtle emotional expression. The track ebbs and flows, with a compelling use of loud-quiet. It’s a welcoming start. I certainly found myself wanting to listen to more.

Shatter Matter slows things down and introduces some moody, rumbling bass. Its instrumentals bring together some classic rock elements with modern electronica and touches of hip hop, creating an exciting, timeless mix, and its lyrics are captivatingly poetic.

Enigma livens things back up with a groovy drum beat and floating electronic layers before Fooled closes the EP with a stripped-back and intimate moment. The minimal, lo-fi instrumentals give plenty of space for the storytelling of its lyrics to come through. Cosmos ends as strongly as it began.

There really is no-one else out there doing what Baydream are doing. I’m excited to hear what they do next and I hope you will be too. You can listen to Cosmos below.