Discovery: Abbey Frances

Abbey Frances is a Sydney, Australia-based indie rock three piece. Their music is already being celebrated in their native country and here in the UK but it’s taken until now for us to discover them. The latest is a hard-hitting yet high energy track that takes on themes of the isolation and mistreatment of women. It’s called Ants.

By Graeme Smith

Ants has an instantly captivating feel about it. Its brand of indie rock is lively and sweeping but what really stands out about it are the lyrics. They hold nothing back, epecially during a powerful, anthemic chorus which will have you thinking as much as feeling.

Abbey Frances is fronted by singer songwriter Abbey, who is joined by Tom and Matt. You can check out Ants below. If you like what you hear, the band will be touring the UK In November, so it’s the perfect time to catch them live.

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