Discovery: Noëmi Waysfeld

Noëmi Waysfeld is a Paris, France-based artist who has just come to my attention thanks to her collaboration with David Kadouch. A cover of a Serge Gainsbourg classic, Noëmi gives it a 1930s Parisian cabaret twist. It’s called Le serpent qui danse.

By Graeme Smith

Feature photo by Manuel Braun

Those familiar with the original or with anything that Serge Gainsbourg did will know that the Le serpent qui danse is a track that’s rich with carnal sensuality. Noëmi’s version gives it a sense of whimsy and accentuates its characters. Naturally, it’s sung in French but that doesn’t mean that its story and emotion can’t be understood by non-French speakers. Even if you can’t follow the lyrics, you can enjoy Noëmi’s beautifully charismatic vocals and the track’s timeless feel.

A classically trained musician, singer and actress, Noëmi takes inspiration from classical music, traditional French and Russian song, fado, flamenco and klezmer music.

You can give Le serpent qui danse below.

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