EP Review: Amelie Jat – For The Plot

Amelie Jat is a pop singer songwriter from Hong Kong. She’s just come to my attention thanks to her new EP which sees her teaming up with five time Grammy nominee producer James McMillan. A coming of age journey, it’s called for the plot.

By Graeme Smith

Our youth can be a dramatic time. We’re pushing boundaries, being reckless, finding our freedom and our authentic selves. No matter how tough we find it, we always seem to look back at those years with nostalgia, and this is what Amelie fearlessly does with her new EP.

The story opens with the brooding and emotional introduction of I’M OUT! After a fizzling first verse the track gives way to a soaring and empowering chorus in which Amelie perfectly sets out her stall. It’s a scintillating start that will have you hungry for more.

Electric Butterflies takes things in a textured and cathartic direction, introducing pop rock elements. Nostalgia slows things down and feels heartbreakingly vulnerable. YOU RUINED MY BIRTHDAY is fiery pop punk. I’m so in love (I think I’m going to be sick) is romance with an edge. Faking Parties is catchy pop melded with anthemic rock and drum and bass. Let them eat cake sits at the heart of the EP, providing a biting and swaying highlight.

2028 is a soft ballad that combines retro and modern elements expertly. Therapy hardens things back up again and comes complete with a bouncing singalong chorus. Better is a heart-rendering cinematic moment before my band hates u! rumbles on with intensity. Screaming crying throwing up is a powerful track that gives us a passionate climax. R.I.P. is the EP’s final chapter, picking up the tempo and providing an emotional release. It’s another highlight.

For The Plot was written by Amelie Jat and James McMillan and features Jim Board on guitars and Marcus Finnie and Joe Taylor on drums. It was produced by Amelie and QUIETMONEYMUSIC, who also did the mixing. Mastering is by Michael Scherchen. It’s out on 20 October via Sentric Music / Peer Music UK.