EP Review: Landon Conrath – I’m Alive… So It’s Fine

Landon Conrath is a Minneapolis, USA-based pop rock producer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist who has just come to my attention thanks to the release of his new EP. Boldly vulnerable, in it Landon opens up about his anxiety and insecurities. It’s called I’m Alive… So It’s Fine.

By Graeme Smith

Feature photo by Sawyer Brice

For this EP, Landon found himself unexpectedly inspired by Taylor Swift and her Folklore album. Taylor’s use of fictional characters led Landon to the discovery that he too could take this approach and the result is a mix of fact and fiction, taking pieces of his own life including some painful experiences during the tumultuous time it was written.

The EP’s story unfolds over six tracks, opening with Falling To Pieces. It’s a gently acoustic start that gives plenty of space for Landon’s soulful and expressive vocals. A big, cinematic finish proves a highlight. It’s an emotional first chapter that really draws you in and has you wanting to know where the EP will go next.

Deep End takes things in a livelier direction without losing any of its emotional impact. Looping percussion creates an irresistible groove over which confessional lyrics are poured. November is wonderfully lush and experimental combining electronic and organic elements expertly. Broken is a singalong highlight where Landon’s vocals are at their most compelling, delivered against jangly, intimate electric guitar.

Funeral Home, featuring Ber, ups the tempo once again and has lyrics that are rich in melodramatic storytelling before Already Dead closes the EP with a memorable arrangement. Landon’s vocals leave everything out there and its lyrics finish things on a bittersweet note. It’s a highlight.

Landon has a unique yet relatable sound that is already bringing him success online and on the road. This new EP will only serve to find him even more fans, myself included. I’m Alive… So It’s Fine is out now via Nettwerk Music Group. You can give it a listen below.