Discovery: Mums Favourite

Mums Favourite are an Adelaide, Australia-based alternative rock outfit that have just come to my attention thanks to a surprising ode. Named for the band’s bassist Brooke’s Italian Greyhound Willow, it celebrates the honesty and love that only a dog can bring. Its called Wind in the Willows.

By Graeme Smith

There’s a timeless groove about Wind in the Willows that hits you right from the off. Front woman Sash’s vocals are wonderfully charismatic, instantly grabbing you with their energy and passion. There’s an animalistic feel to the track, which is only too appropriate given its topic, and overall, it’s an example of modern classic rock done right.

Mums Favourite released their debut EP at the start of this year and have been opening for notable acts over in Australia, including Wolfmother, Skaggs, and The Rions. I’m certainly excited about what they’re putting out and I hope you will be too. You can check out Wind in the Willows below.

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